Past Jobs/ Trabajos

Below are some examples of the type of work we can do. However, please contact us no matter what the job is, and we will help you if we can!

A continuación se presentan algunos ejemplos del tipo de trabajo que podemos hacer . Sin embargo , por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros, no importa cual sea el trabajo , y vamos a ayudarle si se puede!

Lighting & Electrical

We specialize in electric service and completion of switches and outlets etc…

     849     2207    696


Framework and plumbing

We can build out any internal rooms, additions to existing homes, standalone structures, etc. We also do the entire plumbing system from the ground up.

20140519_105452    20140519_105328


Finishing work and kitchen remodels

We drywall, sand, tape, and paint to finish any renovations. We also specialize in complete kitchen remodels including cabinets, electrical, lighting, appliance work, and granite.

20150316_170756 20150316_170748  20150316_170743


Heating and cooling

We install and repair furnaces and air conditioners. We use brands including Ducane, Rheam, Ruud, and Westinghouse. We can also do complete service (which includes full cleaning) for any furnace model. During the summer, we can check the freon levels in air conditioning condensers.

20140818_152735    imagejpeg_0


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